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I published my 50th title at the start of July, 2020. It was 5 years of almost continuous work and much growth…or at least I hope there was growth. The problem is, I’ve fallen back into an old trap.

When I first started writing, I’d immerse myself in my stories but they could never hold my attention. The first book I ever wrote was embarrassingly terrible but after I finished it, it took me years to finish another book. I’d get 50-100 pages in and a different story would come to mind that I just HAD to write.

I hate to admit it but I’ve started doing that again. I’ve got 6 books that I’m 50-100 pages into but the inspiration to finish them is just not there. I cannot explain it. I became so uninspired that I was working on all 6 at once.

Then, it happened. One night, I was so annoyed and bored that I dug up a story I wrote more than a decade ago and started editing it. This is why I can see growth in my writing. The editing of this piece is like slow torture but once it’s polished, it might be an okay piece! That’s the hope, anyway.

And hey, once the inspiration comes back from its hiatus, I’ve got 6 books that only need a few weeks of work to complete. This might be okay…ish…kind of…something.

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