It gets kind of discouraging when I do a post on social media about my own work and maybe 1 person likes it, though usually no one does. It gets downright depressing when I post about someone else’s work and it gets SO MUCH ATTENTION!

No, I’m not jealous. I’m excited for the author. I just wish I knew their secret! I would love to have that loyal a fan-base. I doubt everything I do. Am I doing something wrong? Do people dislike me? Does my work suck?

Quieting that inner voice is a hard lesson to learn. I may not be as successful as some authors but I am proud of my books. I love the worlds I’ve created and the many varying escapes from reality it’s given both me and my readers. I have to remember that.

We all have those moments. Some of us are better at quieting the inner-pessimist, though. Let’s all give ourselves one day where we stand up and tell ourselves that we’re proud of what we’ve done. What do you think? You want in on this positivity?? Tomorrow will be the day, okay? Duct tape the pessimist and let’s all be optimists about what we’ve done!


If an author says something you don’t like, do you stop reading their books? I’m curious why people do that. A story is an escape from reality. Why bring reality into it??

If you don’t like my books, I understand. My style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. My stories aren’t either. But if you stop reading my books because you think I’m obnoxious, then you’re missing the point! I AM obnoxious. I admit that freely. But that has nothing to do with my books.

I dislike censoring. Something I’ve always seen as an American ideal is freedom of speech. Why don’t we have that anymore? If you don’t like something about me, talk to me. I’m a person who lives my life mired in guilt. I blame myself for everything. If I offend you, I will do everything in my power to change…if you talk to me. If you think I’m wrong, you don’t change me by not reading my books.

In my opinion, people are jerks. They’re going to say things to offend you no matter what. Attacking people who have opinions you don’t like only draws more attention to that opinion and changes nothing.

I have many friends with many varying beliefs. I love them all not because they think the same way I do, but because they don’t. Variety vs stagnation is an easy choice in my life.

Okay, I’m done. I don’t usually discuss serious topics, so if you don’t like me today, maybe you’ll like me tomorrow. Just don’t ban me if you don’t agree with me, okay?? 🙂

I Wonder

I’m not too far into my current work in progress. In this book, the world finds out definitively that there are supernatural beings. I’m making it a little apocalyptic. Not entirely, but somewhat. People aren’t reacting well to this news.

I have to wonder what we’d be like in real life. How would YOU react if you saw a news story that contained proof that supernatural beings are among us? Would you believe it? Would you hunker down and hide? Would you fight? Or would you go on about your normal life?

I like to think I’d go on as usual, but I can’t say for sure. A lot of people already believe in ghosts, aliens, lots of things that others believe are nothing more than fantasy. I don’t believe in that stuff, but I don’t go out and attack people who do believe.

I kind of think our world would react in the way I’m writing this. There would be three groups: the believers, the disbelievers, and the fighters. The fighters do tend to be the ones who are the loudest, so people would believe that everyone was opposed even if they weren’t. It seems to be the way we react to everything. The fighters like for everyone to be angry, so they vilify everyone. That’s not me. I’m of the live and let live school of thought, so I feel like I’d be that way if this happened in real life.

What about you? How do you think your life would change if you found out that legends were real? Which group would you fit into?

I need to get back to writing this. Please bear in mind, I’m not trying to indoctrinate anyone into my own belief system. I’m just writing a story. On that note, I’m getting back to it. Keep an eye out for a new book, but also for my new audiobooks!

Books and Groups

You might be getting sick of reading this, but I honestly don’t care! I have yet another audiobook that’s in the approval process. I am thrilled by the quality of the narration. Benjamin Fife is the narrator, and he is AMAZING! If you get a chance, check out some of the books he’s narrated. Or just wait and listen to mine. Whichever. 🙂

It’s been such a busy summer for me. My bookshop is open for more hours now, so there’s that, plus family coming to visit, trying to write, trying to edit, getting more audioboks done…it’s been quite the year for me! The fact I’ve only published three titles this year should tell you how things have been going for me.

Something I’m hoping will help, is that I’m re-joining a writer’s group. We’re not doing the traditional kind right now. What we’re doing is basically creating a support group. I need people to keep me accountable and maybe run ideas past them. The other writers in our group seem to like the idea of making it just a social group. We’re meeting at a coffee shop and chatting. I’m excited to see if it will be the encouragement I hoped it would be.

There are SO many writers out there and we all have our areas of both struggle and excitement. I have ideas coming out my hiney, but my focus is patchy. I know several other writers who are like that, so, *crosses fingers* maybe this group will focus all of us. We’ve decided to still do the critique system, though not have everyone critique. We’re going to do that individually, to hopefullyl ease off some of the pressure as well.

Now that I have two audiobooks out there and a third almost out, I feel like it has lifted some weight from my shoulders. My plans are finally coming to fruition, my dreams coming true. I’m in a good place. Shouldn’t that help me write?? *Crosses fingers and toes.*

What I’m working on now is book 10 in the Madison Meyer series. Since it’s book 10, I decided to make a few changes. In books 1-9, we’ve had Maddie in first person and another character in third person. I’ve decided to add another third person point of view. Ian will make his official debut as a main character instead of the side character he’s been so far. I’m excited to see how people take to the change. I hope you like it!

Since I’m working at the bookshop today and need to get some writing done before I leave, it’s time for me to go. I really hope you pick up one of my audiobooks. The more books that sell, the more my narrators get paid, and I’d love for my narrators to get more than the few dollars they’ve made so far. Support your local narrators!! 😀


Yesterday, my second audiobook went live on Audible! It’s a book I love too, which makes it even more special to me. The Cintamani Chronicles links to the Madison Meyer series, so that makes it just about perfect in my world.

I haven’t gotten to do much writing this week because we had family visiting. Now that they’ve gone home and my life can get back to its normal routine, I’m excited to tell you that Sam will enter into Book 10 in Maddie’s books. Gabe’s been a good side character, but Sam’s only been mentioned once or twice. That’s about to change.

Listening to my fabulous narrator reading the words I wrote and making the story come to life has been amazing. Susie Kinlock is such a good storyteller. She made me remember exactly what I loved about those books in the first place.

Sam and Gabe. Imogen and Spencer. Maddie and Ian. They’re great couples, but each of them are special on their own and I love that about them all. I know that every author loves their characters, but I feel like I’ve written characters that you might know in real-life, ones you might be interested in being friends with, or adopting. Whichever.

Susie is working on book 2 in the Cintamani Chronicles and Lauren is working on book 2 in the Maddie series. Along with that, book 1 in The Druid Heirs trilogy is being produced along with book 1 in The Seal of Solomon trilogy! I am thrilled with every one of them.

Okay, so have a prattled on about it long enough? Are you even a little bit excited to listen to my new audiobook?

No description available.

Book Review

Of all the books I’ve published, The Girl in White is probably my favorite, followed closely by The Thirteen Bends. Yes, both are in the Madison Meyer series, but it’s the stories, the side stories, the backstory, the emotions, and the creep factor. I love these books and it makes me unbelievably happy when other people love them too.

I started following this person on Twitter just because their name is ‘Indie Book Spotlight’. I never expected anything to come of this follow. I just figured I’d support someone who support indie authors because I’m an indie and I support us too! (Wordy, I know.) 😉 Well, they reviewed The Girl in White and I’m thrilled and delighted by their praise.

They’ve been posting quotes from the book and it’s just been amazing to hear good thing when I put SO much work into setting up this series to go on forever. Okay, okay, it’s time for me to shut up and let you read the review.

Madison Meyer

So yet again, I’ve switched works in progress, but this time, I think I’ve found my book. Yes, I have said that before. I really hope it’s the truth this time!

Working on book 10 in the Madison Meyer series should have been easy, though it’s a very emotional book and I don’t think I was ready for it before. Now, I’m ready. This book might break Maddie, but I hope she’s strong enough to come back from everything I’m going to put her through.

A long time ago, I found a legend about an alp. It’s a creature that feeds off bad dreams. Back in the day, it was a way for people to explain sleep paralysis, because they believed the alp would sit on their chest and feed off their nightmares. It’s a creepy image and I’m having a lot of fun working with it!

This book deals a lot with the abuse Maddie suffered at her Mom’s hands and how she never dealt with it. She’d lie about it or make excuses. This time, there will be no more excuses. Or will there? 🙂 I guess you’ll have to read it to find out.

The research I’ve done on abuse makes me so angry and I want to hug every kid who was ever hurt by the person who’s supposed to take care of them. I get it. I was a horrible teenager. I understand how frustrating a kid can be. But I cannot understand crossing that line. It’s something I’ve tried to subtlely have Maddie come to terms with, recognizing how she was indeed abused. It’s such a hard story to write for many reasons, but that one sticks out the most. Who will Maddie be when she heals from this?

Ok, I need to get to the bookshop soon, so that’s all for today. If you were ever abused, please know that I’m mentally hugging you right now. If you have ever abused your child, please get help.

Audiobook Heaven

It’s official! I’ve got several audiobooks in the making, and I am unbelievably excited! I wanted to make them since I first started publishing, but I thought it was out of my price range. It kind of is, but I’m told that they also help you sell books, so I’m hoping it’ll all even out. *Gnaws on nails.*

Right now, I’ve got Benjamin Fife narrating The Puppeteer, the very first novel I published. Lauren Rodriguez is working on book 2 in The Madison Meyer Mystery series and doing an amazing job so far too. Susie Kinlock is working on Ill-Omened and also rocking it. And just today, production began on Friends and Foes (The Druid Heirs). Those are my favorites of my books, but please don’t tell the others. I don’t want them to have hurt feelings. 🙂

I spend so much time listening to audiobooks, as well as using the text-to-speech function on my Kindle. I do love that feature, but the audiobooks are SO much better! The odd mispronunciations the Kindle makes are not made by the narrators, or at least they haven’t done it so far! There have been a couple of words here and there that make me scratch my head, wondering exactly where my narrators are from, but I’m cool with them all. They have done such an amazing job.

As of now, The Girl in White is my only published audiobook. I think by the end of the summer, I should have several others. I’ve only had one person so far contact me to tell me how much he liked the audiobook. I’m hoping there will be more, not just for my sake, but for the sake of my narrators. They deserve SO much credit!

Personally, I’m listening to The God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau. It’s kind of gruesome, but also intriguing. It’s what I’ve been listening to while I’m on my treadmill. And yeah, it does feel good to run while listening to it. Maybe I won’t be killed by the creature/god if I can keep running!

Anyway, I really hope you go and buy The Girl in White. I’m told it’s entertaining and Maddie is a fabulous character. Come on. You know you want to hear it. 😉

The Summer Season

I live on the shore of Lake Erie. It’s a pretty, quiet town with oodles of charm. The winter is fairly quiet because the majority of our elderly residents go south, meaning that most of our shops are seasonal. Well, this Saturday is opening day of our Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market!

Last year was my first year selling books exclusively. In previous years, I sold paintings as well. This year, I’ll have both new and used books because of the bookshop. I’m excited to see if it will draw more people to the shop. You never know. Most people come for the produce, then stay because they see all the other vendors around. It makes for an interesting day.

It’s a LOT of work hauling everything to the park in the morning, but it’s work that I like. Heavy lifting is par for the course in my world. I used to paint pictures on pieces of shale, so the books are actually quite a bit lighter!

Just today, one of the authors who sells her books at the shop gave me a new book to sell. It’s called Anxiety Me by Melinda Zook. It’s a look into the life of a person with an anxiety disorder. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to it. You never know. Sometimes they’re supportive and excited to read books by local authors. Other times, they do nothing but criticise. I’m hoping for a supportive day!

So that’s the big news. Genres Bookshop has a booth at the Westfield Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market. Come on by if you’re in the area and check out what we’ve got for you to read!


It’s official! I have an audiobook on Amazon thanks to the hard work and talent of my fearless narrator, Lauren Rodriguez!

This is a dream come true for me. I can hardly believe it’s real. I’ve spent my life with headphones in my ears, listening to other people’s books. Having one of my own is a bucket list item that has now been checked off. I can die happy! (In 50+ years)

Lauren made my book come alive. I am so proud of the fact that one of my favorite books is my very first audiobook. I plan to have more, but the first one is special.

So here we go. Are you ready to hear this?