If an author says something you don’t like, do you stop reading their books? I’m curious why people do that. A story is an escape from reality. Why bring reality into it??

If you don’t like my books, I understand. My style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. My stories aren’t either. But if you stop reading my books because you think I’m obnoxious, then you’re missing the point! I AM obnoxious. I admit that freely. But that has nothing to do with my books.

I dislike censoring. Something I’ve always seen as an American ideal is freedom of speech. Why don’t we have that anymore? If you don’t like something about me, talk to me. I’m a person who lives my life mired in guilt. I blame myself for everything. If I offend you, I will do everything in my power to change…if you talk to me. If you think I’m wrong, you don’t change me by not reading my books.

In my opinion, people are jerks. They’re going to say things to offend you no matter what. Attacking people who have opinions you don’t like only draws more attention to that opinion and changes nothing.

I have many friends with many varying beliefs. I love them all not because they think the same way I do, but because they don’t. Variety vs stagnation is an easy choice in my life.

Okay, I’m done. I don’t usually discuss serious topics, so if you don’t like me today, maybe you’ll like me tomorrow. Just don’t ban me if you don’t agree with me, okay?? 🙂

One thought on “Variety-

  1. I agree. An author or artist puts their work out there for the world to like or dislike but they themselves deserve the same respect as anyone else. If you decide you don’t like someone don’t hang out with them but the work is separate. Judge the work separately.


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