Books and Groups

You might be getting sick of reading this, but I honestly don’t care! I have yet another audiobook that’s in the approval process. I am thrilled by the quality of the narration. Benjamin Fife is the narrator, and he is AMAZING! If you get a chance, check out some of the books he’s narrated. Or just wait and listen to mine. Whichever. 🙂

It’s been such a busy summer for me. My bookshop is open for more hours now, so there’s that, plus family coming to visit, trying to write, trying to edit, getting more audioboks done…it’s been quite the year for me! The fact I’ve only published three titles this year should tell you how things have been going for me.

Something I’m hoping will help, is that I’m re-joining a writer’s group. We’re not doing the traditional kind right now. What we’re doing is basically creating a support group. I need people to keep me accountable and maybe run ideas past them. The other writers in our group seem to like the idea of making it just a social group. We’re meeting at a coffee shop and chatting. I’m excited to see if it will be the encouragement I hoped it would be.

There are SO many writers out there and we all have our areas of both struggle and excitement. I have ideas coming out my hiney, but my focus is patchy. I know several other writers who are like that, so, *crosses fingers* maybe this group will focus all of us. We’ve decided to still do the critique system, though not have everyone critique. We’re going to do that individually, to hopefullyl ease off some of the pressure as well.

Now that I have two audiobooks out there and a third almost out, I feel like it has lifted some weight from my shoulders. My plans are finally coming to fruition, my dreams coming true. I’m in a good place. Shouldn’t that help me write?? *Crosses fingers and toes.*

What I’m working on now is book 10 in the Madison Meyer series. Since it’s book 10, I decided to make a few changes. In books 1-9, we’ve had Maddie in first person and another character in third person. I’ve decided to add another third person point of view. Ian will make his official debut as a main character instead of the side character he’s been so far. I’m excited to see how people take to the change. I hope you like it!

Since I’m working at the bookshop today and need to get some writing done before I leave, it’s time for me to go. I really hope you pick up one of my audiobooks. The more books that sell, the more my narrators get paid, and I’d love for my narrators to get more than the few dollars they’ve made so far. Support your local narrators!! 😀

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