Yesterday, my second audiobook went live on Audible! It’s a book I love too, which makes it even more special to me. The Cintamani Chronicles links to the Madison Meyer series, so that makes it just about perfect in my world.

I haven’t gotten to do much writing this week because we had family visiting. Now that they’ve gone home and my life can get back to its normal routine, I’m excited to tell you that Sam will enter into Book 10 in Maddie’s books. Gabe’s been a good side character, but Sam’s only been mentioned once or twice. That’s about to change.

Listening to my fabulous narrator reading the words I wrote and making the story come to life has been amazing. Susie Kinlock is such a good storyteller. She made me remember exactly what I loved about those books in the first place.

Sam and Gabe. Imogen and Spencer. Maddie and Ian. They’re great couples, but each of them are special on their own and I love that about them all. I know that every author loves their characters, but I feel like I’ve written characters that you might know in real-life, ones you might be interested in being friends with, or adopting. Whichever.

Susie is working on book 2 in the Cintamani Chronicles and Lauren is working on book 2 in the Maddie series. Along with that, book 1 in The Druid Heirs trilogy is being produced along with book 1 in The Seal of Solomon trilogy! I am thrilled with every one of them.

Okay, so have a prattled on about it long enough? Are you even a little bit excited to listen to my new audiobook?

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