Book Review

Of all the books I’ve published, The Girl in White is probably my favorite, followed closely by The Thirteen Bends. Yes, both are in the Madison Meyer series, but it’s the stories, the side stories, the backstory, the emotions, and the creep factor. I love these books and it makes me unbelievably happy when other people love them too.

I started following this person on Twitter just because their name is ‘Indie Book Spotlight’. I never expected anything to come of this follow. I just figured I’d support someone who support indie authors because I’m an indie and I support us too! (Wordy, I know.) 😉 Well, they reviewed The Girl in White and I’m thrilled and delighted by their praise.

They’ve been posting quotes from the book and it’s just been amazing to hear good thing when I put SO much work into setting up this series to go on forever. Okay, okay, it’s time for me to shut up and let you read the review.

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