The Summer Season

I live on the shore of Lake Erie. It’s a pretty, quiet town with oodles of charm. The winter is fairly quiet because the majority of our elderly residents go south, meaning that most of our shops are seasonal. Well, this Saturday is opening day of our Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market!

Last year was my first year selling books exclusively. In previous years, I sold paintings as well. This year, I’ll have both new and used books because of the bookshop. I’m excited to see if it will draw more people to the shop. You never know. Most people come for the produce, then stay because they see all the other vendors around. It makes for an interesting day.

It’s a LOT of work hauling everything to the park in the morning, but it’s work that I like. Heavy lifting is par for the course in my world. I used to paint pictures on pieces of shale, so the books are actually quite a bit lighter!

Just today, one of the authors who sells her books at the shop gave me a new book to sell. It’s called Anxiety Me by Melinda Zook. It’s a look into the life of a person with an anxiety disorder. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to it. You never know. Sometimes they’re supportive and excited to read books by local authors. Other times, they do nothing but criticise. I’m hoping for a supportive day!

So that’s the big news. Genres Bookshop has a booth at the Westfield Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market. Come on by if you’re in the area and check out what we’ve got for you to read!

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