COVID shot blues

Well, today I got my second COVID shot. It was 2 hours ago and I already don’t feel great. The good thing about this issue is that it takes very little energy to either read or write books! Mental energy, yes, but not physical. I’m hoping to get some serious work done!

As of now, the biggest news in my life is the audiobook version of The Girl in White! I am unbelievably excited about that, but I’m even more excited that my narrator, Lauren Rodriguez, has agreed to narrate the entire series! I’ve already sent her the files, so I’m hoping book 2 will be done this summer too! This is HUGE for me. I’m more excited to have audiobooks than I was to publish my 50th title!

I’m still working on the editing/rewriting of the very first version of the Puppeteer. Obviously, there can be no puppeteer in this one, but the story itself is the same. It’s just the villain, locations, backstory, and names are all different. Okay, fine. You wouldn’t recognize it if you read that. But I do, so that’s got to count for something!

I’m hoping the creative juices will be flowing despite how crappy I feel over the next couple of days. I’m not that hopeful, but I’m trying. Oh, and just in case I don’t feel up to it, I’ve got book 3 in The Iron Druid series and a LOAD of other books awaiting me. So I’ll be ready for whatever happens!

Really good series, BTW. Check them out!

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