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A friend and I are doing a podcast where we review books, talk about books, and promote books. It’s been going for three weeks, and I’ve enjoyed it very much. Our first review was of RA McCandless’ steampunk adventure, The Clockwork Detective. Our next was a book from the shop called Here, written by the writers’ group Write now.

Both books were amazing! The Clockwork Detective was the embodiment of all the things I love about fantasy, plus the extra fun of steampunk. And Here was an anthology of short stories, none of which were fantasy, though all proved to me how good our local authors are!

Next week’s review will be on a horror story that my partner in crime suggested we read called, The NIghtmare Room by Chris Sorensen. I started it over the weekend and finished it this morning. It was good enough that I downloaded book 2 immediately. I then found out I’d already read book 2! I remember some of it, but not all, so it’ll be a refresher for me. I don’t always like horror, but sometimes, it just hits the right notes for me.

I also joined another group whose plan is to read and review indie books! As an indie author, that just excited me, so yeah. I’ve got a lot of books in my future.

So since I have so many words to write, words to read, and words to mull over, I should probably get back to work. Life is better with books, so I’m looking at a pretty good life these days!

Check out the books I mentioned on Amazon!

The Clockwork Detective-


The Nightmare Room-

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