Tir na nOg

In the last week or so, I’ve been researching Irish mythology. It’s been a lot of fun…other than the spellings. I thought English spellings were tricky, but we’ve got nothing on the Irish!

Looking for names that can be recognized and also pronounced by the average American has been challenging. It’s a challenge I’m very much up for.

I’m not sure if it will be my next publication or just something I work on for a while until I finally get it right, but I am having a blast on this baby. It’s actually a rewrite of the first fantasy story I ever wrote…not including ghost stories. I have rewritten this same story before, but I changed it to a degree that there was very little other than the villain who was the same. With this one, the villain is different and my MC is back in her original form, an air marshal!

So if Google docs can handle translating from an old Word doc, which it’s had trouble with, this tale will rise again. I’m going to try and get the story told in one book. It’s a big story, so it might end up being long, but I think it’s going to be kind of fabulous.

Anyway, I hope you guys are either writing or reading and enjoying every minute of whichever you’re doing. “Keep on reading in the free world,” as my friend likes to say!

2 thoughts on “Tir na nOg

  1. I’m so on board for this! Irish folklore is one of my favorites (I also love Russian folklore) and it’s a vast deep and dark forest of magic places that I can see your characters thriving in. Can’t wait. 😍

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    1. The Iron Druid books got me interested, then I started reading The Scarlet Dragon Saga by JP Rice and my interest became an obsession! If you haven’t read them, I would be willing to bet you’d love them! And now I need to go look up Russian folklore…no…later…maybe!


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