I Forgot

I didn’t intend to be this person! I wanted to write a post every week. Then, I simply forgot. So here I am, hat in hands, hoping you’re still interested in what I have to say.

I had something huge happen last week! I was told that doing audiobooks wasn’t as expensive as I thought it was. I looked into it, found pretty much the perfect narrator…AND I HAVE AN AUDIOBOOK BEING PRODUCED! It’s a milestone for me!

I’m legally blind, so audiobooks are how I ‘read’. Now that I can have them made and know that other visually impaired people can enjoy my stories, it makes my whole year! AND my producer was excited by the idea that Madison Mayer is an ongoing series. She’s happy to read all of them. I might pass out with delight!

That along with my bookshop, writing, running, and dealing with life was making it hard to remember to talk to you guys. Sorry about that. I promise to try and be around more. Plus, my friend and I are starting a podcast, so I should be on that way as well.

So, come on back! I promise to be as interesting as possible…as much as I’m capable of. *Dorky giggle.* Stay tuned, though! I’m excited about what’s coming.

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