Pop-Up Bookshop

I mentioned to my husband yesterday that a friend and I were thinking about doing a Pop-Up shop at a local florist who’s on the verge of shutting down. My friend’s idea was to add our things to the gift-type items he’s already got in the shop and then we’d run it. My husband suggested that we try another location.

So this morning I contacted the owner of the place my husband suggested and wonder of all wonders, she was very excited! She even offered it to us rent free! The problem was, there’s another Christmas shop that will be there as well. Long story short, my bookshop idea was again homeless.

Then, lightning struck! (In a figurative manner) There’s an art gallery down the street from me that doesn’t get much traffic and the artist is starting to feel fed up. So I proposed that we join forces!

One of the authors in my group is a photographer who does coffee table books. I’m an artist who hasn’t painted because of my writing obsession. And books and art do go very nicely together!!

I’d promote the heck out of the shop, which would get more people in to see the art, which might mean more sales for the artist! If we can get people to show up, this might be a friendship made in heaven! I got excited enough that I’ve already bought more shelves and I’m trying to think of great, non-irritating ways to market our shop.

I really love the idea. I hope the town will support us. Wish us luck, would you???

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